Ramana Rao


Renowned Astrologer and Foreteller Mr. Ramana Rao a Pioneer and specialist in powering fate through Reading Face, Palm, Numerology and Vaastu and practices are also part of his extensive repertoire.  He is an expert in astrological chart interpretation, he has been professionally practicing for more than 2 decades. His strength is in predicting the astro chart using conventional and Unconventional interpreting techniques.

His predication done is mainly for Political leaders, Celebrities, Many Business Tycoons & Corporate Business houses, including are his repeat clients.

He is trained in Vedantic and other systems of philosophy also in addition to various branches of Astrology. As a mystical spiritual science, it helps us with our spiritual evolution because it uncovers the destiny of persons at their soul/causal plane. However Mr. Ramana Rao also provides guidance and solutions to every practical, material, psychological, emotional situation that we can possibly experience within our human realm. It is a tool to help us understand who we are, where we are going, where we have been and how to make the best use of our time here. It is the guiding light which illuminates the brightest path to help us achieve more balance and harmony in our lives.