Faculty of Astrology plays a vital role in the life of all human beings.  No one is untouched and immune from its impact.  Different faces of life of a person are comprises of good and bad time which are warranted.  As to what is good and bad time is dependant upon the planets existing in the life of a person.  In a bad time, a person being affected by social norms, approaches an Astrologer so as to have the remedies to decrease/lower the impact of bad time/planets.  Every person has anxiety to know about his/her future and a good astrologer can always predict your future on the basis of your horoscope. For making horoscope date, time and place of birth is required and must be correct.

Horoscope is a mirror of life events of a person with accurate timing which includes the following
Children, education
Health, career
Finance and business
Purchase of vehicle
Purchase of property
Romance and marriage
Foreign travel etc

A person who is rich or poor, doctor or layman, always gets his entitlement according to his/her planets. Impact of stars is very important in human life. His study cannot change the luck of a person totally but it is assured that luck/destiny can be changed so as to lead a smooth and prosper life besides saving an indispensable guiding force for the rest of your life.
To verify the correct horoscope of a person, we would be matching your horoscope with the past events and if the events do not match, it means your time of birth given in the horoscope, is not correct then we would rectify a time according to the events provided by you. The past events include marriage, love, education, accident, illness, job, transfer etc.

Our society and families, unfortunately, due to non-compatibility and difference in attitude, disputes like family affair, matrimonial affairs and other business affairs in respect of land and business.  Astrology plays very important role in this field so as to cure and extend assured and effective remedies in the life of ones being involved in such disputes/controversies.  It is well known that the people, due to westernised culture generally loose patience and fail to see the realities and eventualities in the life, which becomes a cause of origination of controversies. 

In a field of matrimonial dispute, the planets existing in the horoscope of a boy and a girl are to be adjudicated so as to see as to whether they are placed at a right place or at a place, which gives an adverse impact.  It is well-accepted principle that by using an effective remedies impact of planets of person adverse to your interest and benefit can be decreased so as to shade off/remove your miseries.  Besides this impact of placement of planets of a person, causing hurdles in your life can be changed positively in your favour so as to solve all disputes and controversies.  It is assured that even the litigations and disputes in businesses have been solved favourably by you exercising the remedies provided by an Astrologer, which resultantly gives peace and solutions in the life of ones.  An Astrologer plays a role of a doctor so as to give solace to a person in difficulty.